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Our Guarantee

So, you haven chosen to remodel your driveway and hired who you think the most reliable contractor is. They start tearing up your old driveway and almost instantly hit a pipe, which then starts leaking water uncontrollably from your house to all over your front yard. While these things happen often, not everyone will own up to their mistakes and resolve the problem. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the demands of a new construction project, and it's even easier to get overwhelmed when something unexpected like this happens in that new construction project. Well, that is if you do a project with anyone other than us. When a client comes to us with a vision, we take that very seriously and do whatever it takes to make that happen with the least amount of stress possible to the client. If we can fix it, we will; and if we can't fix it, we have professionals that will do the job properly in order to resolve the issue. What we won't do is throw the problem onto you, the client. Our insurance policy covers all of the bumps in the road on the way to your final product so that you have zero worries about the outcome of your project.

Every project, big or small, is issued an 'Lifestyle Outdoors Warranty On Workmanship Certificate', made out to the project sponsor, that lasts for three years after the date of project completion. If there are any defects in the workmanship during that time, we will go back and fix it, hassle-free and cost-free to you. In addition to this, all of the products that we use are issued a manufacturer warranty that ranges from 3-5 years (varies upon manufacturer) after installation, so if the product were to fail, you would have it replaced.  

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