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Maintenance: PAVERS

Guide to Caring for Your Newly-Installed Pavers

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Care and Long-Term Maintenance 

Every concrete paver material that we use comes with a three to five year structural warranty, depending on the material that you choose.

Yearly Maintenance

  • Clean your pavers once a year, in good weather (avoid cold weather), with a coarse-bristle broom and a paver cleaner solution to maintain hardscape integrity.

  • If left untreated, weeds can cause pavers to shift and move further apart with time. Occasionally, in your paver maintenance routine, spray granular weed preventative between the cracks or 'joints'. 

  • Be cautious of cleaning your hardscape with power washers, as the intensity of the water being sprayed can cause the aggregate under the paver’s surface to be exposed.

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  • In the event that you desire to clean your pavers, test a small amount of cleaning solution to your hardscape. If you get the desired results, continue applying the solution. 

  • Be sure to follow the directions listed on the cleaner solution container labels thoroughly in regard to, application, precautions and safety. Rinse the solution off completely after use.

  • In the event of an oil spill, act quickly to remove it with granular oil absorbent. Spills should only be soaked up; DO NOT rub, as this may cause deeper staining.


  • De-icing products should not damage pavers if using the proper amount, although there could be a chance of accelerated aging of paver product. Use sparingly and in moderation.

  • Sealers are to be applied once every three years, with a maximum of two applications during those three years. If a sealer is used more than once every three years, there is a chance of surface discoloration in sunlight, thus creating a film on top from sealer product overuse. 

  • The cracks in between the pavers or the 'joints' are a very sensitive part of the paver installation process. In order to maintain the sand-bedding below the paver layer from deteriorating over time, keep 'joints' well-sanded at all times.


Reach out to be put on our yearly maintenance subscription list!

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